Very much worthwhile

During my second year of University, my desire to seek the Lord was quite high. I felt as if the Lord sovereignly arranged certain situations in my life, to cause me to draw near to Him. Although my faith in the Lord was that of a mustard seed, The Lord was so merciful to preserve me, and create an environment that has encouraged my growth in His divine life.

Eventually, I was introduced to the Christian club; a group of believers genuinely loving the Lord. Not only have I gained many experiences, spiritual companions and a more thorough appreciation of the Bible, I’ve been recovered to one of many ways to enjoy the Lord; simply by calling on His name. When we call ‘Oh Lord Jesus’, instantaneously we will sense a sweet flow of life within us.

I’m now in my final semester, and I can testify that the time I spent with these believers, was a time well redeemed. Even if it was to meet up to pray, sing a few hymns or share a few laughs, it was all very much worthwhile.

Sisi M.