Being a part of something more

Hi there!
My name is Clara and I’m currently a 4th year student studying a Bachelor of Optometry and Vision Science at UoA. I joined the UoA Christian club in my first year at uni and have thoroughly enjoyed it since.

I had the privilege of growing up with Christian parents who led me to believe in God and cultivated in me a love for Him. Aside from the church meetings where I found some life-long friends, I did not have the opportunity to meet many other Christians from other backgrounds till I joined the Christian club.

Here I have met a lot of amazing people. Some are like me, already Christian but have a unique story of God’s arrangement in their life to bring them to Him. Others I met were unbelievers initially but have grown so much from God’s hand upon them. I’m very grateful that my view of the Christian life and of God’s mercy and greatness has been enriched and enlarged through befriending these ones. Being in the Christian Club has led me to experience much more than I could ever have if I were alone.

Clara 🙂