O-week & Club Expos Week Events

We’ve got a whole heap of activities to kick-start your semester! Here are all our events, times and places – contact us via email or facebook if you’d be interested in joining!


Feb 25 – Mar 1

Ice cream & Board games
When: Tuesday, 26 Feb
Time: 1-4pm
Where: UOA Christian Club Student Centre

Sports in the Park
When: Wednesday, 27 Feb
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Auckland Domain
What: Team building activities, sports

BBQ & Activities
When: Thursday, 28 Feb
Time: 12-3pm
Where: Little Shoal Bay
What: Walk, sports, food
Meet: at UOA Christian club student centre before 12pm
Sign up: here

Bubble tea + Board games
When: Friday, 1 Mar
Time: 1-4pm
Where: UOA Christian Club student centre
Sign up: here

Club Expos Week

Mar 4 – 9

1st Club Gathering
When: Thursday, 7 Mar
Time: 12-2pm
Where: iSpace (Level 4 of the Kate Edger Building)

When: Saturday, 9 Mar
Time: 9am-3pm
Where: Cornwall Park
What: Sports, activities, games, food